How to create the site?
With Cofe-Tofe builder, it's easy to build your site at no additional technical knowledge. You need to follow these steps to get your site done
1.  If not yet created, visit and make sure you make a MarianaWorld account. Sign-in with the login information you just created there and then enter the Cofe-Tofe site.
2.  Making familiar with the links:
     1.Knowledge-Base: This is a forum located in MarianaWorld forum section. Users post their problems and all types of queries here; you may get what you are searching here in that forum. You may also open one troubleshooting topic for us to reply and help you on the way.
     2.My profile: My profile is a link which is used to update the configuration of the part of your mobile site which displays your MarianaWorld profile.
     3.Settings: Following this link will allow you to change the name, logo and submission category of your site.
     4.Add Link: This is a tool by which you can add a link to any desired page of your site you have created earlier. Give the name and a working hyperlink linking a page or a file and thus put it on any page you like to. Don't forget the http:// part of any site.
     5.Delete Link: this option will delete any link which you may have created on step 4 which links to other site's webpage.
     6.New Page: This link will create one new page for you to write something. The main and foot comments takes text inputs (which can't be more than 755). You may also put one logo to that page. You can use the bb-code which you use in MarianaWorld forums. Any smile code will work too.
     7.Index Page: Index page is that page which the visitors see when they type your site name. You may call it a main page but technically it's called as index page.
3.  Now you go on and write the content, create pages or use bb-code, we will just publish it online. Don't forget to tell your friends about this great new feature. Also please note that don't publish adult material on your site. Thank you for reading this small help. If you still have queries, post it in Knowledge-Base forum.
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